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In North Carolina, there are several classes of misdemeanors ranging from the least serious, Class 3, to the most serious, Class A1. Punishments for misdemeanors range from court costs and fines to 150 days in jail. Some of the most common misdemeanors are disorderly conduct, simple assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting a public officer and underage possession of alcohol. In some instances, these cases can be resolved through diversion programs, community service or pleas. Other times, a bench trial decided by a District Court Judge is the appropriate strategy.

Mr. Nichols has handled hundreds of misdemeanor cases. With his experience and legal knowledge, Mr. Nichols can advise you on an appropriate strategy to resolve your criminal matter in your best interest.

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In North Carolina, there are numerous classes of felonies ranging from the least serious, Class I, to the most serious, Class A. Punishments for felony convictions range from court costs and fines all the way to death or life without parole, depending on the class of felony. A felony conviction can also deprive an individual the right to vote or carry a weapon. Felonies in North Carolina originate in District Court and, depending on the charge, can be disposed of in District Court or bound over to Superior Court. Some of the more common felonies in North Carolina are obtaining property by false pretense, possession of cocaine, drug trafficking, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping.